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What is Inarime?

Inarime is the poetic name given to the island of Ischia. It is used for the first time by Virgil (Aeneid IX, 716) ; Servius, the commentator, explains that it is derived from the Homeric reference to Typhon in the land of Arimi (Arimois: Iliad 11, 783 ), which according to some (including Virgil - the verse quoted), below Ischia.

The association is simple, the Ischia News publishing, wants to give a quote poetry, its just prologue, a library for the island of Ischia, which speaks mainly about the island of Ischia, through all publications still on the market.

Inarime is not only the Book shop, but it is also Our editorial line of Ischia which includes guides, books, publications and Our Magazine Ischia News ed Eventi.

Through Ischia.it we disclose all Our tourist information and inform tourists about how to spend their holiday in Ischia. All this is shown in Our publications. Many of them are free, we only ask for a small contribution to cover the cost of shipping.

Our motto is: Let’s tell the beautiful things of the island of Ischia!