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  • Epomeo and surroundings - September 2019

Epomeo and surroundings - September 2019

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September 2019 by Ischia News & Events
Year 10, Issue 6

Epomeo and surroundings

I took the photo of the Long-eared owl on the cover at the Pietra dell'Acqua, on the south-north direction, between this vital place for the human insular history and the highest point of Mount Epomeo, which stands at 789 meters on the level of the shoreline. I followed the “young gentleman bird” for a few minutes, I captured it in seven images in sequence, upwind and at a distance, then I approached and zac !, he even posed himself on his favorite rock, with - at shoulders - the silhouette of the Blue Island. After three seconds he flew away. He roll his neck - a nod of greeting? - calmly, dangling in mid-air between shrubs and brooms, before leaning on a lower cherry tree. The close encounter is the pre-text. It contains the fulfillment of another necessary narrative, dedicated to the Ischia peak and its surroundings, an exciting corollary of hills that celebrate protean habitats and cultures, pyrotechnic games of diversity. We need careful glances and substantial desires, to understand differences and secrets, evidences and mysteries. This is why we climb Epomeo, or rather the “Epomeos”. The Greek root of the word explains it: it is “he” that everything “sees” and, at the same time, “knows”, observing. The more I live it, the more I get excited.

Format: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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