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  • Aprile and the red eggs secret - April 2016

Aprile and the red eggs secret - April 2016

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April 2016 by IschiaNews&Eventi
Year 7, Issue 1

In our personal “bowl” of memory there are millions of beautiful images. They are there, suspended, a little overwhelmed by everyday life that commits us without stopping. Then, sometimes, they emerge. The fact is repeated more frequently when there is major stress, as occurs during scanning of big events, festivals and seasons with their wealth of rituals and experiences that we would like to repeat appealing to the past. When leaving the field to pleasant memories we free the crack in the door enthusiasm. This time of spring and Easter passage that bypasses winter and sings summer, it seems made to unleash the desire to renew the happy moments of life. It flourishes together with the statement that renews. The island of Ischia offers, in this perspective, infinite chances. On the one hand, I make a tiny example, we might try the thrill of going to collect mussels and limpets on the rocks of the south-east coast, and prepare a big dish of spaghetti. We only need an extra little oil, a little of garlic and parsley, to touch the acme of our conceit of self-made cooks. After all are we not all chefs? However it is better to evoke the classic “wedding soup”, especially in this period, of which Loretta D'Ambra tells the re-interpretation. There is a story of Pino Macri who reveals the secrets of the “red eggs”: game and food at the same time. Positive memories are crucial. They are the ingredients to fuel the charm of appointments with the sacred folklore, as regularly explains Graziano Petrucci, in a map that goes from Forio with “Actus tragicus”, to Procida with the “Procession of the mysteries”. The extraordinary images continue to flow. To find them, you should look around, following step by step the inner paths rich of an explosive nature, explored by Francesco Mattera with contagious passion or going to peek at the garden of the convent of Nicola Mattera, on the Aragonese Castle. Simply fantastic.

Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached with the signs of the "Neptune's Kingdom" for the marine protected area 30 x 21 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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