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  • Ischia between history and imagination - June 2013

Ischia between history and imagination - June 2013

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June 2013 of IschiaNews&Eventi
Year 4, Issue 2

June, between history and imagination, a period that encloses Our time and helps us to project ourselves into the future by analyzing the past. Our time is the result of past choices, instead the future is in our hands, and together we can make the right decisions that will lead us toward a best future. The island of Ischia at the time of the Grand Tour, helps us remember the lost beauties, to re-appreciate the simple things, but not with nostalgia, even being full of strength and determination, optimism and clarity. The belle époque is a magical time for the island of Ischia, but mainly for Casamicciola, the spa town par excellence at the end of 900, which today is struggling due to lack of investment on land and the escape of local entrepreneurs. The cinema helps us to fantasize and imagine a best future making Ischia a tourist pearl in the '60s, the magic lives in auteur films with many scenes and unique places, but principally in the atmosphere that should be reported the everyday life of this enchanted land.
This year, our newspaper has a circulation throughout the country, with the inclusion of a new section on hospitality on the island of Ischia, corresponding to the section Welcome to Ischia on ischia.it, the newspaper is distributed in a total of more than 250 points on the island of Ischia, an achievement that fills us with pride and satisfaction, and that rewards the great work done by the entire editorial staff and contributors involved in our great project of communication and spread of the beauties of the island of Ischia. Thanks to the skill and mastery of Enzo Rando, Our official photographer for more than four years, every month we can get a picture on the cover of Ischia that strikes us, surprises, fascinates and intrigues, this month a magnificent view of Mount Epomeo above the town of Barano, with Capri and the Soerrentina Coast as background. This month is the time of the debut of a first insert to the newspaper, a map A3 to remove and use to move around the island of Ischia, going to meet the needs of tourists who move with difficulty on a territory so vast and full of treasures!

Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached41 x 29 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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