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  • Ischia to love... - August 2013

Ischia to love... - August 2013

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August 2013 of IschiaNews&Eventi
Year 4, issue 4

How can it be lived and enjoyed the island of Ischia from the sea in this hot month of August when the Sun enters the Leo constellation for the classic period said Solleone? How to fully enjoy the charm of the sea? Where to go for the longest days of the year, choosing which beach resorts or spa parks, such as lunch or dinner in restaurants and choosing what to eat? Where to stay in the numerous and equipped hotels on the island? What to see, in moments of reflection, on this ancient island where civilized man has come since the eighth century BC and never went away? What to buy as a souvenir of an unforgettable holiday in art workshops both the ceramic or cosmetics or in the cellars where it gets one of the best wines in the world and August is the month of "Biancolella"? How to move around this island of 46 km2 that appears small but it is not, from one end to the other and use public transport that are never quite efficient? Finally the events: there are cultural interests. Ranging from Midsummer fires in the summer with the Assumption in Lacco Ameno to the manifestations of jazz and the nights of Negombo Night.
All this and more is explained in the issue of August / September 2013 of the Magazine "Ischianews & Events" directed by Enrico Deuringer with the co-manager Giuseppe Mazzella and the editorship of Tommaso Massimo Pilato. 95 pages in pocket format in Italian and English - the international language which is the official language of the European Union - is presented to the Italian and foreign tourist an island to love. The syllogism chosen for the cover headline - "Ischia d'A ... mare!" (Ischia to love) - is significant because it wants to invite the tourist to experience the island from the sea but ... also to love it. In English, in no uncertain terms, the imperative is categorical: “Ischia to love”.
The sea is the great metaphor for life, said a Lombard intellectual who was teacher for generations of high school students in Ischia, prof. Edoardo Malagoli (1928-2001), who taught Latin and history but also knew how to build boats called the "Rikki Tikki - Tavi" as the mongoose in Kipling's tales of the Jungle that wins its unequal struggle with the cobra snake as saying that the small boat was able to keep up with the more furious seas.
We went to interview the "diver-journalist" Franco Savastano that today is 78 years and fell down to the most interesting seas of the world to gather his emotions to 40 meters under the sea. What happens down there? How is the living world with flora and fauna under the sea in Ischia?
We chose a beach for our summer, Maronti, the longest beach on the island with its three miles and we felt like Count Giorgio Corafà, General of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the eighteenth century who built a road of 365 steps down from the district of Testaccio to Maronti. We can do that today much more comfortably with the driveway and we can use all the facilities of the consortium of operators. Sign of the times and Tourism for everyone.
We interview the minister of tourism of the Campania Region, Pasquale Sommese, which testifies the commitment of the region to consolidate the tourism economy of the most important areas of Campania and we try to tell our emotions seeing the sea from Ischia in our tour.
We present our topographical map of the roads of wine and typical products of the marine protected area of "Regno di Nettuno" to present in a nutshell the extraordinary peculiarity of the island of Ischia, which is "land" and "sea" to live , to enjoy but also to safeguard.
Finally, and it seems the most important, we have an invitation to ASL Napoli2Nord indicates that while the health services offered to tourists with all the contact details for emergencies, hopes "a summer of health" to all. An admonition to live the “sea, spa treatments, outdoor living and entertainment in a responsible manner”.
“Do not send on vacation common sense. Enjoy a summer really carefree, live a summer of health”.
Happy holidays to all!!

Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached with the signs of the "Neptune's Kingdom" for the marine protected area
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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