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  • Visiting Wineries - September 2012

Visiting Wineries - September 2012

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Settembre 2012 di IschiaNews&Eventi

Once again, therefore, the island of the earth will come to aid with its unique landscape excellences, with its pristine environment, and the quality of the flavors of its agricultural products to a gasping tourist industry, unable to find its identity for a great quality offer. Hence originates the event “Visiting wineries”, organized by Pro Loco Panza which, now in its fifth edition, will lead tourists and wine lovers to discover those places where landscape and nature continue the great tradition of winemaking with an ancient wisdom that has its roots in the ancient history of the island coming back to mind the Greek sailors of Euboea which, in their long wanderings in the Mediterranean Sea, chose Ischia as the land where to found their city and where to plant the vine with its golden grapes like sun drops, on this earth, took root magnificently!

Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached 30 x 21 cm
Pages: 64
Language: Italian / English


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