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  • The shapes of water - June 2019

The shapes of water - June 2019

  • €1.50

June 2019 by Ischia News & Events
Year 10, Issue 3

The unveiled castle

The principle of “water rarity” has characterized studies on the technical evolution of humanity. It has drawn a boundary - which dates back two centuries ago - between the first and the following mass availability of the most precious liquid that there is. This attention has returned of current interest, as well as to fashion, although in the meantime a shift in meaning has been introduced: from rarity we have moved on to “scarcity”. The Great Thirst, like the plasticization of the oceans, is the contemporary specter that wanders around the planet, while exploring – have a look - the ice of Mars. A subtle disturbance crosses our awareness, and the broader umbrella of (perhaps) the growing struggle against climate change is not enough to avoid it.


Format: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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