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  • Ischia in flower... - May 2014

Ischia in flower... - May 2014

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May 2014 of IschiaNews&Eventi
Year 5, Issue 2

In this issue stands the symbolic image of the flower, the common denominator of the topics that affect the month of May full of colors and scents of spring. From the legendary white lilies that covered the boat of Santa Restituta coming from the sea to the exhibition of rare plants, Ipomea, to Negombo.

May for the islanders is therefore the month of Santa Restituta, the Saint come from the sea in a distant time according to an age-old legend passed down from generation to generation that witnesses the age of the populations of the island of Ischia, the first Greek colony of West dating back to the eighth century BC.

Restituta led religiosity in populations of island, every year remembering the important occasion in honor of the Saint on May 17.

Along with the important feast of the patron saint of Ischia resort also see the unique exhibition of Ipomea at the thermal park Negombo with its impressive collection of rare plants.

The image of the flower have been associated with many different eras in the concepts of whiteness and beauty, recalling that flowers are an integral part of the cultures of the four corners of the globe, unrivaled ambassadors of emotions.

The explosion of colors and scents of this time that envelops the land into one big warm hug, then transports us in the middle of spring and makes sure that our senses, from the dormant winter days, wakes up and enriches the wonders that "the green island" can offers. There is no better time of year to bring out the boots, dress comfortably, leave for a moment the coast and into the heart of Ischia, now in its second edition, the event "walking along trails" was created with the aim of bringing people (islanders or not) to the territory, a necessary condition in order to know, love, and then protect it.

But spring is also the season to be able to spend a day in a shower of the miraculous waters of Nitrodi. To embrace the entrance to the solarium, changing rooms, showers and therapeutic sessions for localized water jets, there is a garden risen five years ago thanks to the engineering nature. Visitors will enjoy the landscape perched and articulated terraces, redesigned with a path lined by aromatic plants, mostly Mediterranean, and from indications, such as the "flow of Youth", which promise to be on the right "road ".

Naturalistically speaking we cannot forget the Migliaccio Estate which extends between cliffs, quarries, canals, for 14 acres. It comes down to one lane from Serrara inaccessible once reserved for mules but now made by car driveway with powerful engines. The view that you see from the terrace of the house is indescribable in its beauty and in its immensity.

This estate produced one of the best red wines of the island in the "long century" so much so that in 1870 it received the Medal of Honour to national wine competition.

We conclude by mentioning the riding sporting event. On the occasion, Ischia stops time and as has already happened with the II stage of the Tour of Italy last spring, the streets only welcome cyclists and events that will enhance the value of sport outdoor.


Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached with the directions of the "Neptune's Kingdom" for the marine protected area 30 x 21 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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