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  • The sea in the sun - August 2014

The sea in the sun - August 2014

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August 2014 of IschiaNews&Eventi
Year 5, Issue 5


In distribution on the island of Ischia the August 2014 issue (5-year) of the Magazine "Ischianews & events"

Many, many years ago came out on "Corriere della Sera" an article- short stories-of the third page of Nicholas Tucci (1908-1999). It was dedicated to the relationship between the islander and the island.

“The fidelity of islander to the island - wrote Tucciis not parochialism because it extends the trees, the rocks and the way in which they appear on the “enemy element” and that is the sea”. The observation is appropriate: that "no pride" of the attachment of the islander to the island; affection extended to the nature of the island, the trees and the rocks, and even in the way that overlook the sea called the “enemy element” express the nature of the island.

The islanders live on the sea and they cannot live far from the sea. From the sea, the islanders derive their livelihood but remember the sea is especially stormy, furious, threatening and even murderess. Maybe that’s why Tucci calls him “the enemy”.

In the sacristy of the church-museum-shrine of the patron saint of the island of Ischia, Restituta, in Lacco Ameno there are hundreds of votive thanks to the grace of sailors, fishermen, boat owners, who testify their gratitude and their faith to the Saint for having saved their lives in danger because of a storm at sea. It is also the testimony of at least two or three centuries of history.

The islanders - all the islanders of the world - have this unbreakable bond with the sea.

But in August, the sea becomes a “friend” and stretches to the sun and welcomes everyone of all ages to live the “good season”.

“The sea is the great metaphor of life and the man is “thalassic” that is he was born in the sea but is on loan to the earth and so always feels nostalgia for his place of origin”, said Professor. Edoardo Malagoli, a Lombard who settled in Ischia in the years 1950s, teaching Italian and history in High School, so affected "by enchantment of the sea" so much that he personally built his boats.

August is the month of ‘all go to the beach’ and Ischia offers all its sandy, rocky, spa charm with gardens, docks, tourists from all over the world in addition to its huge historical heritage of the oldest Greek colony of the West. From this year you can also admire the underwater city of Aenaria in the stretch of water at the rocks of St. Anne just overlooking the Aragonese Castle (the reportage is on page.....) with the signs of the Roman colonization.

The sea in August lives and it is also the opportunity for day trips by boat to the other islands of the Gulf of Naples and Gaeta because Ischia is the island-mother of “Neapolitan archipelago” that goes from Capri to Ponza. Just Ponza - the farthest island - was colonized by the islanders in the eighteenth century and in this issue we “romanticize” the journey of the first settler of 1734.

In this issue there are also recipes of the month with our recommended restaurants, typical products, beauty centers, the sights to see and the wonderful spa gardens and of course the full calendar of events is of “local color” as the feast of the Our Lady of the Assumption in Lacco Ameno and the parade of St. Alexander in costumes’ era, with both musical and cultural events.

This and more in the edition of August with our best wishes for a good and peaceful holiday with... Ischia in your pocket!


Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached with the signs of the "Neptune's Kingdom" for the marine protected area 30 x 21 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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