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  • Oh, September - September 2015

Oh, September - September 2015

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September 2015 of IschiaNews&Eventi
Year 6, Issue 5

The season now flies on the fresh air, jumping with joy and exultation. In this month full of events and festivals that teems with a magnetizing and soft power, it would take days and long nights to enjoy all appointments scheduled, perhaps using special virtues of superheroes: the speed of light and infinite slowness; an elastic body and teleportation; the absolute desire of pure fun. The truth is that the Ischian pleasure has the doors wide open and someone threw away the keys: do not be anxious to find them, let go, using the magazine as our compass. Examples? «Visiting Wineries», where wine is a ploy to smell the places, people, tastes and stories like the company by Antonio Mazzella in Campagnano. It is possible to capture the magic of the Aragonese Castle that, not only - it reveals Gina Menegazzi - hosts new treasures; but welcomes the theater by Livio Viano that combines the Alps to the Tyrrhenian Sea: sensitive and island-fond actor announces it. Then, moving from the manor to the Tower of Michelangelo and vice versa, the leitmotif is strengthened by exploring the rows of vineyards philosophy as if they were practicing a harvest of thought and following the footsteps of Raffaele Mirelli, an original organizer of the international festival. If the sacred and fishing fireworks belongs to the wonderful feast of St. Michael in Sant'Angelo, described by Graziano Petrucci in his mythical meanings, relaxation is celebrated by the charm of the Poseidon Gardens, oasis favored by great personalities, and evocative of a carefree time, that one of the teens holiday, muse of delicacies mnemonic signed by Alessandra Giordano. It is a month to read and live. Lightly. Enjoy the moment.

Format: 15 x 21 cm
Folding map attached with the signs of the "Neptune's Kingdom" for the marine protected area 30 x 21 cm
Pages: 96
Language: Italian / English


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